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Healthy soil is:

A functioning food web provides plants with constant access to nutritional value. In healthy soil, plants themselves control an army of microbes that are able to extract from the ground ingredients inaccessible to plants in dead soil.
  Microbes not only provide the plant with nutrients, but also protect it from disease and pests. The complete network of microorganisms covers all parts of the plant with a strong layer and acts as a shield against parasites.    The key to understanding the role of the food web in protecting
A well-established community of microorganisms in the soil promotes the plants we care about and makes it much more difficult for weeds to grow.   Weeds are usually pioneering plants. They appear in places of damaged soils. Such as a forest after a fire, a plowed field, around excavations or rubble.
Living soil is a huge storehouse of carbon. Organic matter and the organisms that inhabit it bind up to 10t of CO2 per hectare per year.
Due to the improvement of soil structure and organic matter content, rainwater is absorbed faster and kept longer. As a result, it prevents erosion, leaching of nutrients and prevents floods and droughts. Living earth purifies water because it is full of organisms capable of breaking down pollutants.
By resigning from plant protection products, we provide the possibility of the development of a huge number of insects and other invertebrates, whose populations are shrinking at an alarming rate.

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What is a soil food web?

Soil is not only a mixture of different minerals. It is also organic matter and a huge number and variety of organisms. The food web is all the relationships that occur between these organisms. Thanks to them, nutrients circulate in the soil. A complete soil ecosystem maintains the nutrients in the bodies of organisms, maintains and purifies the water. Binds carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It blocks the development of diseases and pests. It improves and maintains the soil structure. 

What should be the compost?

Compost is aerobic organic matter with a complete food web. 

It is very important to ensure that the compost is kept under aerobic conditions at all times. Adequate and constant humidity ensures even growth of microorganisms. 


Minimum values ​​for biologically active compost:


Bacterial biomass 135 μg / g 

Mushroom biomass 135 μg / g 
The ratio of fungi to bacteria minimum 0.3: 1
Protozoa 10,000 pcs / g 
Nematodes 100 pcs / g 
Ciliates maximum 5 pcs per drop at a dilution of 1: 5

3 steps to healthy soil